[EQUITE Program] Stimulate more sustainable value chains in West Africa

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OCTOBEr 2017

Headline: Environmental innovations for sustainable cocoa production in west africa


Cocoa production under shade trees at the CAMAYE cooperative, organic fertilizers made with recycled cocoa pods (ECOOKIM and CANN) or with poultry manure made by the CAYAT for its members, selection of rustic varieties and organic agriculture at the PROCAB and SCEB cooperatives... The EQUITE program brings its support to 6 cooperatives gathering cocoa producers in Ivory Coast and in Togo to promote sustainable agriculture and build resilience to climate changes.


These initiatives will be discussed during a workshop between cocoa producers and followed by a two-days conference on sustainable cocoa, organized by the EQUITE program, AVSF and the RICE in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, from 20th to 24th of November 2017. The focus will be put on the issues related to sustainable cocoa production and its ability to tackle climatic change.


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The Ghana Fair Trade Network in the rise

Created in 2013, the Ghana Fair Trade Network (GFTN) gathers 35 members, mostly producers or craftsmen organizations and some plantations. The three-year strategic agenda defined by the GFTN and supported by the EQUITE program aims at creating synergies within its members working with different fair trade labels and at reinforcing the network's organizational capacities to adress environmental issues.

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Oranges ghana


The CIGMA cooperative committed to environmental protection and women empowerment

The Citrus Growers and Marketers Association (CIGMA) gathers more than 1500 citrus growers in south Ghana. The cooperative is experiencing the implementation of furrows filled with organic material to replace chemical fertilizers and to fight soil erosion. The cooperative also encourages women empowerment throughout strong actions.

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Trade capacities building for fair trade certified organisations

The EQUITY program has 80 000 € to support producers and craftsmen organizations' participation to commercial prospection events and to promotional activities of their products in the fair trade network. Deadline for application is 15th of October 2017.

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Adama Kaboré


Interview of Mr Adama KABORE, technical officer for CAMAYE

The EQUITE program shows how fair trade can support sustainable development and ecological transition by encouraging the reduction of environmental impacts linked to economical activities an by promoting organic agriculture. Mr Adama KABORE explains us how the CAMAYE cooperative accompanies its members towards transitioning their production modes.

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